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Language preference

Official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian languages (B/S/H languages). In order to study in Bosnia student coming from abroad needs to know one of these languages. Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar offers lectures on all three languages. Short term incoming students can take selected courses in English (see information for students from abroad). In addition, research for PhD and MA thesis can also be supervised in English.
Foreign students can learn B/S/H languages by using the services of following web sites and schools.
Transparent Languages offers the biggest number of languages for studying. They are mostly selling products such as BYKI (Before You Know It) or Rapid Rote for government institutions – programme used for writing dictionaries. Its version can be downloaded free or it can be bought as deluxe packet at Through Transparent Languages a person can also buy World Languages packet for beginners. It can be found at
another good choice for learning Bosnian (as well as Serbian and Croatian) is SCOLA – "Satellite Communications for Learning Associated." This is a non-profit organization that broadcasts TV programmes from the whole world and it also has   "Insta Class" service where each video has a transcript, practical work and often quizzes. SCOLA demands to register, but it is free.