Within the University Campus, there are five sporting clubs: the boxing club, karate club, judo club, climbing club and tennis club. Membership fee is paid at admission and it depends on the sport and size of the club.
There is also a laundry service within the University campus as well as great number of cafes and places for leisure.
The city has a lot of cafes that enable a person to enjoy a Mostar’s sun considering that with its hot summers and mild winters, Mostar is one of sunniest cities in Europe.
Old City with the Old Bridge makes an attractive tourist destination. The Bridge, Mostar was named after, was built during the Ottoman period and it is on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. It is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's most recognizable landmarks, and is considered one of the most exemplary pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkans. In the Old City one can find restaurants with menus that offer local cuisine specialities.
The places to see in Mostar are also Biscevica house, Crooked bridge, bridges, mosques, churches, shrines, Culture Centre Herceg Stjepan Kosaca, Partizan memorial, Clock tower, Bath House, Muslimbegovica house, Herzegovina Museum.
MEPAS (http://www.mepas-mall.com) shopping mall is within 10 minutes walking distance from the University Campus. It offers a variety of leisure time activities. CineStar Mostar is a first multiplex in Mostar. There is also a bowling centre with eight bowling lines. Besides bowling, the offer includes billiards.
City spa (http://www.cityspa.ba) offers pleasant atmosphere, privacy and top service. Situated in the centre of the city it represents a place to rest from the busy day. It includes swimming pool and sauna, fitness room, solarium, group and individual workouts, exercises in water, beauty salon, massage salon, vip spa suite, restaurant and cafe.
Mountain spa and nature park Rujište is located 18 kilometers north from Mostar. It is surrounded by Bosnian pine, an endemic and very rare tree, what makes it famous as one of the areas with the richest concentration of oxygen in this part of Europe. The considerable difference of 1050 meters in altitude makes Rujište attractive in summer due to temperature that can be 10°C below than City of Mostar average. Snow house - Snježna kuća (http://www.snjeznakuca.info) is a hotel in Rujište that offers winter and summer programme. Winter programme offers night skiing and snowboard while summer programme includes hiking, mountain biking, trips to Boracko Lake, handball, volleyball, badminton, futsal. There is also tavern Vila Rujište Cabin.
Mostar is located 120 km away from Sarajevo Airport, 60 km from Adriatic sea, 8 km from Mostar Airport and 30 km from Međugorje.
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