Studying in Mostar

An academic year has two semesters (winter and summer) within which three examination periods are planned. Winter semester begins in the first week of October and lasts up to mid January (around 15 January), which is 15 weeks. Classes in the summer semester begin in mid February and end in late June of the same year.
Between these two semesters, there is a January-February examination period which is organized in two phases:
1st examination term – begins in mid January and lasts up to the end of the month, which is around 2 weeks.
2nd examination term - begins in early February and takes 2 weeks, which means that it lasts up to mid February.
The summer semester is followed by the two examination periods:
June-July examination period that begins in early June and goes on up to the mid July. This is the longest examination period (approximately 7 weeks).
September examination period begins in the second half of August and goes on up to the early October. This period is somewhat shorter when compared to the June-July examination period (around 5 weeks).
There are two periods foreseen for the vacations. The first one is synchronized with the January-February examination period, and the second one takes place between June-July and September examination periods.